Inauguration of "Distance Lecturing" by the new Commander of the National Armed Forces of Latvia


It is not easy for the busy leaders of the Baltic states defence structures to keep in close touch with their students in the far-away Tartu. Therefore the College has long sought a way to develop Video Tele Conferencing links between the College and the three capital cities. Thanks to U.S. and Swedish donations the system is now ready.

It was inaugurated by the new Latvian Commander, Rear Admiral Gaidis Zeibots, on the 7th of March. He presented the plans for the development of the Latvian forces, doing it in real time from the VTC node in the National Defence Academy in Riga to our courses, assembled in the Björn von Sydow Hall. Thereafter the admiral took and answered questions. The interaction worked perfectly. The College wants to thank all involved.


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Graduation of the second Civil Cervants Course - Feb 7, 2003


Amber Workshop 2003

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