Inauguration of the Academic Year 2017/2018

Today, the Baltic Defence College has inaugurated a new Academic Year 2017/2018 with an Opening Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC).

The purpose of the course is to develop and educate officers and civil servants to thrive in multi-service and international joint staff and command positions, addressing the complex security challenges from the Baltic and Euro-Atlantic perspective.


Welcoming the JCGSC students to the Academic Year 2017/2018 Major General Dilāns stressed the importance of the course: “The Joint Command and General Staff Course is a cornerstone of your future success. It focuses on preparing you at the operational level, for executing tasks in joint, service, interagency and multinational environments”.


This year, the JCGSC welcomes 55 officers and 1 civil servant from 12 different countries (Azerbaijan, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and US). The course runs from August to June and within 11 months, students participate in different academic events, study trips and exercises here in Estonia and abroad.

For a duration of three months, starting from September the course will be also merged with the students of the Civil Servants’ Course (CSC) 2017, which is a great opportunity to understand better the civilian perspective on security and defence matters. Besides JCGSC, the College conducts the Senior Leaders’ Course, Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants’ Course.

Milestones of AY 2017/2018

14 August - Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC)

31 August – Civil Servants’ Course (CSC)

29 November – Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC)

15 January – Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC).


The Baltic Defence College welcomes all students and wishes them a successful academic year!


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College Management Group’s visit to Ämari Airbase


Visit by the Commander of the Joint Warfare Centre, Major General Andrzej Reudowicz

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