Interview with the Academic Representative of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2018/2019

The Academic Representative represents the course’s opinion regarding the quality of the academic content and meeting learning outcomes. He also assists the Class Leader in organising the mid-course and end of the year course feedback. We are happy to introduce the Academic Representative of JCGSC 2018-2019.

Name: Jevgēnijs Rjaščenko

Country of origin: Latvia

Military background/
Professional experience


Member of the Latvian National Guard (Zemessardze)

Senior Desk Officer at the Ministry of Defence of Latvia


Why did you decide to become an Academic Representative?
It was an opportunity to utilize my academic experience for a greater benefit. My personal interest was to reach out and learn through deeper communication with my course mates, faculty and staff rather than through lectures and syndicate work only. It is wonderful how much knowledge and experience we have there in our class.

What does representing the student body mean to you?
There is no symbolic meaning. It means finding smarter and more efficient ways for students to learn and achieve the learning outcomes of the whole course. People came here to learn so it is our collective interest to learn effectively and in a professional manner.

What are your greatest strengths that make you suitable for this position?
Probably my academic experience, which I have acquired during the last ten years while studying at various academic institutions. Besides, since my battle dress uniform is a jacket and tie, it is easier for me to go and speak to the faculty and staff without keeping military subordination in mind.

What are your expectations to this role?
It is better not to have any. I am open to the experience whatever it is. Students need to get quality education, have healthy learning environment and enjoy the fruits of their intellectual work at the Baltic Defence College. A success for me would be a body of students, which supports and has empathy to one another. At the end of the day, however, everyone must pass all the exams and graduate in June 2019.


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Visit by Ambassador Cliff Bond, US Charge d´Affaires


Exercise “Joint Planner 18” conducted at the Baltic Defence College

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