Latvian Army Day and 101 Anniversary of Latvian Independence in BALTDEFCOL

It has been busy times here at BALTDEFCOL. Though our main task is providing military education, we find it important to note and commemorate the important days of our colleagues, allies and friends. Thus, last 11 November was noted multiple commemoration events and birthday celebrations. The Baltic Defence College was celebrating and taking part of Lāčplēša Diena (Latvian Army Day) commemoration events. However, for the English-speaking world, Monday, November 11 is Remembrance Day, (Armistice Day) and one could see several poppies worn in the building. Some of our closest colleagues celebrated Polish National Independence Day and 11 November also marked the birthday of Estonian Defence League.



(picture by Latvijas Armija)

On Thursday BALTDEFCOL’s a small reception in the honour of the then upcoming Latvian Independence Day as well as the 11. November Latvian Army Day took place at our premises.


During the reception it was also possible to donate for the National Defense and Patriotism Foundation “NAMEJS” whose aim is “to support veterans who have served in the Latvian National Armed Forces and their families, keep alive the memory of fallen soldiers and to promote patriotism in society.” Donors received a special pin with a ribbon, which is worn throughout the month of November.

What is more, we had very notable guests for the reception. Firstly BG Lennie Fredskov Hansen, Chief of Staff Multinational Division North joined us, as part of his larger visit to BALTDEFCOL.What is more, members of SYN Radzinš and all Latvian students met with granddaughters of general's brother Mrs Dzintra Celmiņa and Mrs Teiksma Slaidiņa who presented to BALTDEFCOL the copy of diploma of the Order of Lāčplēsis (Order of Bear slayer). This is the very first Order of Lāčplēsis that was ever issued (No.1). At the reception the book with collection of GEN Pēteris Radziņš works was presentd to BALTDEFCOL by MAJ (ret.) Agris Purviņš, head of GEN Pēteris Radziņš foundation.

To follow up, on 17th and 18th November, the BALTDEFCOL took part in commemoration events and celebrations in Latvia. Our Commandant MG Andis Dilāns attended the traditional service in the Dome church of Riga, that traditionally opens the anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

What is more, our flag crew carried the BALTDEFCOL's new Colours in the military parade to honour the 101th anniversary of Latvia.

(Last two pictures by Latvijas Armija)


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Visit of BG Lennie Fredskov Hansen,  Chief of Staff Multinational Division North 


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