Major General Janusz Bojarski, the Commandant of the NATO Defense College visits the Baltic Defence College

Major General Janusz Bojarski, the Commandant of the NATO Defense College visits the Baltic Defence College

On 17-18 February 2016, the NATO Defense College (NDC) Commandant, Major General Janusz Bojarski conducted a two day visit to the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL)

During his visit to the Baltic Defence College, Major General Janusz Bojarski was given a full presentation on the College’s vision, its mission, strategic goals and lines of effort. Once again, the meeting between the two Commandants and the members of BALTDEFCOL staff provided an excellent opportunity to exchange views and ideas about potential developments in Professional Military Education (PME) and discuss further cooperation between the two academic institutions.

Today’s visit was the first time for Major General Bojarski to visit BALTDEFCOL. ’Thank-you to the Commandant, faculty and staff of the Baltic Defence College for the outstanding contribution to the partnership in education of the future NATO’s leaders. I am impressed with the hospitality you offered me during my first visit to this great academic institution,’ wrote the Commandant of NDC in his entry to our guest book.

NDC has provided BALTDEFCOL with valuable support, and has become a highly appreciated partner in many aspects. The Second Annual Baltic Defence College Conference on Russia ‘Countering Russian Revisionism’ on 18th-19th February 2016 is co-organised in partnership with several PME institutions, NATO Defense College among the others. Over the years NDC has been one of the destinations to be visited by the students of Joint Command and General Staff Course in residence at the Baltic Defence College. Serving as a member of NDC Academic Advisory Board, the Commandant of BALTDEFCOL, Major General Vaikšnoras himself has paid two working visits to NDC. Thanks to the united effort we have already accomplished a lot and it is BALTDEFCOL’s desire to continue with the fruitful cooperation.

The NATO Defense College’s mission is to prepare senior officers, diplomats and civilian officials for positions in NATO, in NATO-related posts in national capitals, and in other multinational organisations.


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Second Annual BALTDEFCOL Conference on Russia, 18th-19th February 2016

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