Mr. Michael Malm

Mr. Michael Malm

Deputy Director, Department of Leadership

Senior Instructor, Leadership

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 372 717 6041

Office: Room 403


Before joining the Baltic Defence College, Mr. Malm was head of the Strategic Section at Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. The section operates the Chief of Defence's situation centre and is also responsible for Strategic Situational Awareness regarding ongoing operations and potential conflict areas. He has also worked as Head of Business Intelligence at the Joint Doctrine and Concept Development Centre where he was part of the team writing the Military Strategic Doctrine.

Mr. Malm has been visiting fellow at United States National Defence College and has studied Strategic Crisis Management at the Institute for Policy and Security Studies in the Swedish National Defence College. He has worked at the Swedish Defence Research Agency as Senior Analyst and Programme Manger specialising in Leadership, Management and Command and Control (2001-2007), where he was involved in international cooperation, especially with South Korea.

Mr. Malm worked as Chief Executive Officer for a Management Consulting Company focusing on business development, leadership and management from 1987-2001. During this period he was also a faculty member at the Swedish Institute of Management, where he was teaching and worked as course director for an international leadership programme.

He started his career 1975 as an officer in the Swedish Air Force on active duty but is now in the Air Force reserve. He has experience both at the tactical level within the Air Force and the operational level (J3 and J9, respectively).

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Strategic crisis management
  • Conflict early warning
  • Civil-Military Cooperation
  • Change management

Selected Publications

  • Malm, Michael and Neider, Göran. 2006. Early Warning: Decision support for International Peace Support Operations. Stockholm: Swedish Defence Research Agency, 2006.
  • Malm, Michael, Neider, Göran, Stjernberg, Johan and Svensson, Pontus. 2005. Collective Behaviour and Early Warning. Stockholm: Swedish Defence Research Agency, 2005.
  • Malm, Michael, Andersson, Jan and Thurén, Ronny. 2003. System Trust. Stockholm: Swedish Defence Research Agency, 2003.


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