NATO Certified courses and EU Certified course will be conducted at the Baltic Defence College

On 22nd-26th March, the Baltic Defence College will organise three courses:

  • NATO Certified course BALTDEFCOL Operational Level Energy Security Course;
  • NATO Certified course Intermediate Strategic Communications Course;
  • EU certified course Cyber Defence Policy on National and International Levels.

This year is the third iteration of the NATO certified Baltic Defence College Operational Level Energy Security Course (NATO electronic Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue number EGY-ES-35433). It will be delivered in cooperation with the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence to provide the participants with knowledge of the importance of energy and energy security in the current geopolitical situation and its influence on military operations. More information about the Course can be found HERE.

The second iteration of the NATO Certified NATO Intermediate Strategic Communications Course (ISCC) (NATO electronic Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue number STC-ST-35529) will be delivered in cooperation with NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. It aims to educate planners to ensure that StratCom integration and execution occur at all levels in the respective headquarters. Target Audience for the ISCC is, in addition to the participants of BALTDEFCOL courses, external NATO and national non-StratCom discipline planners from Joint/ Operational HQ level or civilian equivalent in rank level OF-3 to OF-5 or civilian equivalent. Read more about the Course from HERE.

Finally, in order to facilitate adequate response to the rising challenges in cyberspace, the Baltic Defence College, with the support of the European Security and Defence College, will organise the pilot course “Cyber Defence Policy on National and International Levels”. The course aims to provide participants with the conceptual framework to facilitate strategic thinking about cyber defence and develop an understanding of how to integrate cyber considerations into national and international security policy and strategy formulation. Details and information can be found HERE.

Due to ongoing travel restrictions related to COVID-19, participation for course applicants residing outside of Estonia will be enabled virtually. Registration is open until 01 March 2021.


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