Visit of CMSGT Philip L. Easton

Baltic Defence College was today honoured by the vistit CMSGT Philip L. Easton, CSEL US EUCOM, who after following Senior Leaders Course and Pilot CSEL Course Concluding Panel: "Détente Beyond Deterrence: what conditions for meaningful diplomacy?" visited BALTDEFCOL presmises in Tartu. 

Besides an office call with COS Jean Turdel,  CMSGT Easton also engaged in active discussion concerning the BALTDEFCOL Command Senior Enlisted Leader’s Course. 

We wish to thank CMSGT Philip L. Easton, CMSGT Sundin, and SMSgt Nitra C. Barfield for visiting BALTDEFCOL and having an active interest in the future of BALTDEFCOL CSELC. 


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Conclusion of the CSEL Course


Holiday Greetings from the Baltic Defence College

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