New Flag of Baltic Defence College Officially Approved

On 30th of August, the Defence Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Mr Jüri Luik, Mr Raimonds Bergmanis and Mr Raimundas Karoblis signed an agreement approving the official flag of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) at the informal meeting of the EU Defence Ministers in Vienna, Austria.


The new flag is developed in honour of the BALTDEFCOL's 20th anniversary and will formally represent the College in the future. It is the representative symbol of the College at public and military events.

The flag is two-sided. The front side displays the emblem of the BALTDEFCOL on NATO blue background. The back side of the flag contains the contour of the maps of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - owners of the Baltic Defence College, including the names of the states spelled in their official languages: EESTI, LATVIA, LIETUVA. Arched over the countries is the motto of the College “ET SECURITATEM PATRIARUM” ("For the Security of the Homelands”) and arched beneath the maps is the inauguration date of the College 25.II 1999.

The flag will be inaugurated on 20th of June 2019 in Tartu, Estonia.

The Baltic Defence College is extremely grateful to the Ministers of Defence.



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