Online Debate "The Next POTUS: Shaping Things to Come"

On October 20, 2020, the Baltic Defence College held an online debate with Mr Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff (Vice President and Director of the Berlin Office, the German Marshall Fund of the United States) and Dr Volker Perthes (former Director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and Executive Chairman of the Board of SWP).

The discussion was directly related to the incoming adjustments to United States foreign policy after the November presidential election. This assessment is that the election results can profoundly adjust United States foreign policy and eventually, the world order. If elected, President Trump can enhance his present approach to the United States and to the world (or remain the same for the next four years). If elected, Mr Biden will face a challenge to restore the United States in global affairs or revert Trump’s doctrine in parallel with domestic social and political consolidation. During the discussion, the experts excelled at Germany’s role and position focusing on enhancing the transatlantic link by active engagement or strategic patience. The notable speakers described France’s supporting of the strategic autonomy of Europe and running against the transatlantic interest. They highlighted that the position of Poland would equally support more American presence in Europe notwithstanding the election outcome.


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