Opening Ceremony of Higher Command Studies Course 2023

Today, on 16 January the students of Higher Command Studies Course 2023 started their academic journey at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL).

BALTDEFCOL Acting Commandant, Colonel Dietmar Hartung welcomed all the students to the Baltic Defence College and Tartu, the city of Alma Mater, good thoughts - and smart solutions.

“My task today is straightforward - to inspire and assure you that College will uphold standards – recognized by NATO Allied Command Transformation via NATO Institutional Accreditation - to offer a high quality educational programme and a friendly environment” he said and encouraged students to prepare the mindset for changes not only during your studies at the College, capability to adapt to the situation helps to mitigate stress and uncertainty.

The Higher Command Studies Course accredited by NATO ACT in 2008, has been conducted since 2004. The current, 2023 iteration of the HCSC is composed of 26 students from 15 nations: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

During the studies lasting for 6 months, the students will receive education inside variety of topics within international security, strategic leadership, defence policy and management and other domains.

BALTDEFCOL family wishes everyone a successful academic journey full of determination, dedication, and a bit of luck!


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Commemoration run in Tartu


PRESS RELEASE: Baltic Defence College Annual Conference on Russia 2023 “Russia's Futures” takes place on 2-3 March 2023

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