Opening Ceremony of Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants’ Course

Every January means the beginning of something new. For the Baltic Defence College, it is the beginning of the two College core courses. Today, on 11th January, the Higher Command Studies Course 2021 together with Civil Servants’ Course 2021 inaugurated their academic journey at the Baltic Defence College.

The Commandant, Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm welcomed all the students via virtual Opening Ceremony and inspiring them to be prepared mentally to face the COVID-19 changes and uncertainties. He encouraged keeping an open mind-set, which is a key for the flexibility and attitude irrelevant of the circumstances. “It is expected that you all will contribute with unique professional and cultural talents to our multinational family, so please do not keep it hidden” he said and added that making social bonds and connections for the future is up to the students.

The Higher Command Studies Course 2021 includes 19 students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine. Their studies will last until June and within these months, the students will receive education inside variety of topics within international security, strategic leadership, defence policy and management and other domains.

The Civil Servants’ Course 2021 brings together 10 students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. The main aim of the course is to enable civil servants, coming from security and defence related governmental organisations, to develop knowledge about security and defence policies to implement it later. Four months of fruitful discussions and studying side by side with military colleagues from Joint Command and General Staff Course will benefit to achieve a high level of synthesis and civil-military integration.

BALTDEFCOL family wishes everyone a successful academic journey! Make the best use of your talents, expand your knowledge, develop new friendships, learn from your companions and enjoy your time here in Tartu!


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NATO Certified courses and EU Certified course will be conducted at the Baltic Defence College

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