Opening Ceremony of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2018/2019

On 13th of August, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) officially started the Academic Year 2018-2019 with an Opening Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2018/2019.

JCGSC is BALTDEFCOL’s oldest course providing professional military education on the operational level to prepare general staff officers and selected civil servants for joint, interagency and multinational environments to meet the complex security challenges from Baltic and Euro-Atlantic perspectives.

In his opening speech, Major General Dilāns, Commandant of BALTDEFCOL, welcomed the students and encouraged them to work hard and to share their previous experience and knowledge with their course mates and with BALTDEFCOL faculty, as such relations are highly respected and valued at the College. MG Dilāns also inspired the students not only to develop themselves through academic subjects and conferences, but also to take the opportunity and learn from history, culture, traditions and people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by visiting museums, exhibitions and events and reading books about the region.


Starting from today, 63 students representing 13 nations have started their 11-month educational journey. From August to June, the students will participate in different academic events, go on study trips and staff rides and engage in exercises. They will also take part in a variety of social activities. Throughout their studies, the students will work together with BALTDEFCOL’s academic personnel and subject matter experts from numerous NATO, EU and partner countries to master their critical and analytical thinking skills. They will have a great advantage and opportunity to be part of JCGSC at the time the College celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

The Baltic Defence College welcomes all the students and wishes them a successful academic year!


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Annual Baltic Military History Conference to take place on 13th-14th of September


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