Opening of Civil Servants Course 2014

Opening of Civil Servants Course 2014

On 6th January 2014, the eleventh Civil Servants Course (CSC) started. The new course, designed to enhance the civil-military skills of its participants, featured eight Civil Servants representing the myriad security institutions of each of the Baltic States.

Modern conflicts require a comprehensive approach to address contemporary security challenges. Consequently, Civil Servants will learn alongside the Joint Command and General Staff Course Officers. The purpose of this integration is to enhance the Civil Servants’ ability to work with their military counterparts and to contribute to the planning of military and non-military operations. 

Mr. Edgar Reedik from the Estonian Ministry of Defence underscored the value of this integration saying: 'I believe the Course is a good embodiment of broad national defence where civil and military component is brought closer to each other through shared knowledge and shared experiences. In addition to that I hope to broaden my intellectual capacity in this academic and international environment which I can later implement in my job'.

Ms. Anita Šaraka, a Civil Servant from the Latvian Ministry of Defence, echoed: 'I am expecting to gain a better understanding of military way of thinking and broaden my knowledge.'

In his first engagement with the Civil Servants, MG Vitalijus Vaikšnoras encouraged the Civil Servants to maximize the unique opportunities for self-development offered at the College. He emphasized that education is best achieved by the efforts of each individual, and challenged the Civil Servants to diligently pursue professional and personal self-development over the five month period.

The Baltic Defence College welcomes Edgar Reedik, Kristi Purtsak, Erko Kulu, Kerli Puna, Anita Šaraka, Aušra Kazlauskiene, Arturas Dirse and Raivo Upenieks, and wishes them a fruitful academic experience.


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