Opening of Higher Command Studies Course 2017

Opening of Higher Command Studies Course 2017

On 9th January the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) has inaugurated the thirteenth Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC). This year there are 16 students from 8 countries Estonia, Germany, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine participating in the course.

The Commandant of the College, Major General Andis Dilāns delivered the opening speech to the Course participants stressing the mission of the College as the Professional Military Education organization. He highlighted the role of BALTDEFCOL in relation to providing high quality education utilizing the College faculty and he emphasized the multi-national environment of the HCSC being an opportunity to share experiences in broader context. By quoting expression of Albert Einstein: 'Education is not received it is achieved' MG Dilāns stressed the importance of an independent and pro-active approach to education where both BALTDEFCOL staff, and all the students are to contribute to the educational process. He also mentioned the changes within regional security environment and beyond requiring constant studies to be ready to face variety of current and future challenges. 

The HCSC is a 5-month long course that aims to educate military officers and government officials from the Baltic States, their allies and partners, for executive responsibilities at the strategic level. It is aimed to enable comprehension of the multifaceted actions necessary for the accomplishment of national and Allied strategic objectives, within an uncertain international environment. It is intended to graduate creative, proactive and agile commanders, policymakers and managers, capable of making sound, decisive and future-oriented strategic decisions. The topics of the HCSC are delivered by the College faculty and recognized external guest lecturers coming from military and civilian organizations. 


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