Opening of Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants Course 2015

Opening of Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants Course 2015

The Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) started the second part of the academic year on 12th January with the assembling of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) and Civil Servants Course (CSC) 2015 in the Admiral Cowan Hall.

The Commandant of the College Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras welcomed the students and wished them success. In his speech he emphasised the uniqueness of BALTDEFCOL with its high quality courses, distinguished and experienced faculty and the multi-nationality of the college. MG Vitalijus Vaikšnoras quoted well-known expression of Albert Einstein: 'Education is not received it is achieved', so emphasising importance of independent study where the BALTDEFCOL provides an exceptional opportunity for future military and civil leaders to study, develop and prepare for their future challenges, but every student effectively contributes to the education process.

The HCSC is a 5 month long course with its body of expertise consisting mainly of international lecturers, consultants and high rank officers. The aim of this course is to prepare military and civilian defence officials, at NATO OF-4/5 level or equivalent, to be ready to initiate, lead, and implement transformation in the defence institutions of their own states, NATO and the EU in the context of current and future military operations.

Civil servants will be predominately integrated during the study period with the Joint Command and General Staff Course (started on 11th August 2014), although they will have an opportunity to taste some civilian-specific learning. The CSC’s aim is to enhance knowledge and skills of civil servants necessary for the development and implementation of national security and defence policies through professional civil-military partnership and cooperation at the operational and strategic levels.

The Baltic Defence College welcomes five civil servants from Estonia, Lithuania and Panama and 16 Higher Command Studies Course students from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, UK, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece.


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