Opening of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2013-2014

Opening of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2013-2014


The Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2013-2014 has just taken its first steps, after being opened on 21 August by the Commandant of the Baltic Defence College, Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras.


The JCGSC is the core activity at the Baltic Defence College, and serves as a key pillar in the Professional military Education systems of participating nations. The JCGSC lasts for eleven months and is designed to educate officers and national security leaders, and enable them to perform effectively in a joint and multinational environment. 

In his address, Major General Vaikšnoras emphasized the uniqueness of the Baltic Defence College by saying: ‘This College is the only international professional military educational institution located in the continental part of Europe which provides military education and training on both operational and strategic levels in the English language.’ 

The Commandant also highlighted that the Baltic Defence College is a place where future military and civilian leaders from the three Baltic States and Partner Nations are being prepared to meet and deal with the future challenges.

This year’s Course is comprised of a diverse mix of 50 Officers from 18 different countries. These countries include Armenia (1), Azerbaijan (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1), Croatia (1), Germany (1), Georgia (2), Estonia (10), Italy (1), Latvia (10), Lithuania (13), the Republic of Macedonia (1), Moldova (1), Montenegro (1), Norway (1), Poland (1), Sweden (1), Ukraine (1) and USA (2).

The Norwegian Officer, Commander Iris Fivelstad, emphasized the importance of the multinational environment saying: ‘As a naval Officer, I have been in many exercises with air and naval participation but I have worked very little with the army. I am excited to meet so many army Officers with unique operational experiences. I am also looking forward to learn more about Baltic Region and the Officers from the Eastern part of Europe and beyond who are here.’

The Lithuanian Officer Lieutenant Colonel Linas Kubilius, who has previously graduated the Baltic Defence College´s Army Intermediate Command and Staff Course in 2008, stated: ‘I am very happy to be back in Tartu. I am looking forward to gain more experiences on Joint level and to find new friends at the Baltic Defence College.’

The Baltic Defence College welcomes all the Officers and wishes them a successful and fruitful academic year!


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