Opening of Civil Servants' Course 2020

On 13. January additionally to the Higher Command Studies Course, the Civil Servants' Course (CSC) also began. This year the Baltic Defence College is glad to welcome 8 students from the three Baltic states to the course!

The CSC has been conducted since 2001 to educate civil servants on the wide range of challenges related to the defence institutions and policies. The aim of the CSC is to enable civil servants from security and defence related governmental organisations to contribute to the development and implementation of security and defence policies. The course provides unique networking opportunities, facilitates civil-military interaction and interagency cooperation, thus enhancing students' skills and readiness for their future assignments in national and international positions. 

We wish you a fruitful and successful next three months in the Baltic Defence College!


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Visit by MG Michel Delion, Director of the Centre for Doctrine and Command Teaching 


Opening of the Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants' Course 2020

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