Opening of the Higher Command Studies Course 2006

Opening of the Higher Command Studies Course 2006


The Higher Command Studies Course 2006, ‘Leadership of Transformation’, assembled on 7 August. This year, the course has 17 students representing 15 states.


The Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC) 2006 is the third HCSC offered by the College. The students will follow an intensive 19 week curriculum that will prepare them ‘to be ready to initiate, lead, and implement transformation in the defence institutions of their own states, NATO and the EU in the context of current and future military operations’. They will study the need for transformation, the approaches taken by different states and international organisations, and the tools for implementing and managing transformation The College Commandant, Brigadier General Algis Vaiceliunas, gave the opening address, in which he welcomed the students and outlined the history and approach of the College. Following this, Major General Frank Hye, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, launched the academic programme with a presentation on NATO’s transformation agenda. This year’s students represent Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia (2), Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania (2), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.


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Graduation of the Higher Command Studies Course

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