Participants of the Atlantic Treaty Association\'s (ATA) 51st General Assembly Visited BALTDEFCOL


The next speaker, Pro-rector of Tartu University prof. Jaak Kangilaski, introduced Tartu University's history, presented some general information about the university and its activities and studying possibilities.   Thereafter, the Commandant of BALTDEFCOL, Bde Gen Algis Vaiceliunas welcomed the guests in the college introducing our very ambitious mission, aiming not only to educate senior officers and civil servants, but also to try and transform their way of thinking and emphasize the values of liberal democracy. As a small institution, BALTDEFCOL has the advantage of being able to react better to current developments in the strategic environment and reflect them in our curriculum. Although BALTDEFCOL is a military college, it understands the importance of civil-military co-operation and interaction with local environment in the future international missions. The Commandant also presented the Military Professional Development System in the Baltic States. The Deputy Commandant and Course Director for JCGSC, Col Olle Ljung introduced the JCGSC and the HCSC was presented by HCSC Course Director LtCol Andis Dilans.

The speeches were followed by a broad discussion about the transformation of education in BALTDEFCOL. The visitors raised a lot of questions about the college, e.g. whether BALTDEFCOL is preparing students for different operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Balkan area; and what is the college's relation to the NATO Defence College.

Photos by Rain Sirendi Text by Triinu Rizijs


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