Preparations for CSELC 2021

This week BALTDEFCOL hosts the Planning Workshop in preparations for the third edition of the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course (CSELC). In 2021, the College is testing a new format of manning CSELC involving the top-level experts selected from the course alumni representing Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania - the BALTDEFCOL Framework Nations.

These distinguished graduates are returning from their current jobs and share their experience in the capacities of Module Coordinators. During 3 days, invited experts from the Baltic states will get an understanding of the academic standards used in the College and very importantly, go through the detailed planning process of the course. Lastly, they will receive some additional mentoring sessions developed in cooperation with the US Air Academy, and offering practical knowledge and tools for providing personalized mentoring to the CSELC course participants.

Such an educational seminar serves two purposes. On the one hand, it enables developing mentoring competencies to be implemented during the course. Importantly, this is the way for the College to provide extra value also to the Framework Nations,  which are kindly supporting BALTDEFCOL in this educational endeavour with the top-level experts.

BALTDEFCOL is wishing the CSELC course leadership and external Module Coordinators the best of luck for coming busy and challenging days and looking forward to the successful delivery of CSELC 2021 which will take place in Autumn 2021. 


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