Professor Myriame Bollen awarded with The Baltic Defence College Medal of Merit Silver

On 25th of January, the Commandant of Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL), Major General Andis Dilāns awarded Professor Myriame Bollen with The Baltic Defence College Medal of Merit Silver. Professor Bollen received the medal for outstanding contribution to the development of education and research process as well as for excellent and unfailing long service and dedication to the Baltic Defence College.


Professor, doctor Myriame Bollen is one of the most senior and regular visitors of the Baltic Defence College. She has been mentoring our Higher Command Studies Course students every year since the very beginning of the Course in 2004. Her involvement and professionalism has been highly recognised by the students.

Professor Bollen is a respected expert on civil-military relations and a specialist in the field of social and organisational psychology. Most recently, doctor Bollen published a volume on Managing Civil-Military Cooperation in prestigious Routledge printing house. Her personal academic commitment has significantly contributed to the quality of education of our senior military officers and government officials.

Furthermore, Myriame Bollen is the shining example of a lasting and extremely fruitful cooperation of BALTDEFCOL with the Netherlands.


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