Publications published by students and faculty in 2016

The Baltic Defence College is educational institution, which is also contributing to security and defence policy related research. In 2016, two editions of the Journal on Baltic Security – the college’s own peer-reviewed periodical – were released focusing on important strategic issues for the Wider Baltic region; exploring the current and future challenges faced by its changing strategic environment; and proposing solutions for the pressing problems of the day. In the online publication Ad Securitatem selected students’ articles were presented including the best essays from the JCGSC (11) and HCSC (3).

Within research, the college faculty, including: Dr. Asta Maskaliūnaitė; Mr. James Rogers, Director of the Department of Political and Strategic Studies; Lt. Col. (rtd.) Ugis Romanovs; Col. (rtd.) and Dr. Zdzislaw Sliwa, Dean of the Baltic Defence College, participated in the project ‘Digital Infantry Battlefield Solution – Part One: Introduction to Ground Robotics’. Some of these papers were presented during the Baltic Defence Innovation Conference Future War, Defence Innovation and Solutions to Future Challenges in December in Vilnius. The project consisted of a collection of papers delivered by various authors from different countries and with diverse research backgrounds to provide a multi-faceted review of the development of unmanned ground systems (UGS) in military use from different perspectives.

The college’s faculty also had published several other articles. Dr. Sliwa, in cooperation with Professor Anna Antczak and MIA Rafal Zaniewski, had published The War of the 21st Century the Beginnings of the War of the ‘Third Wave’. Mr. Rogers (in collaboration with Dr. Duncan Depledge) had published an article entitled Securing the Wider North’ by the Royal United Services Institute’s Newsbrief in March 2016. Col. Dr. Miroslaw Smolarek, Acting Director of the Department of Military Studies, in cooperation with Marek Witkowski from Poland’s General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces wrote an article entitled ‘Threat Analysis in the Network-Centric Environment’. The article was published in the proceedings of the international conference ‘Knowledge-Based Organisation’ on June 2016. In relation to the Riga Conference 2016, Mr. Rogers and Lt. Col. (rtd.) Romanovs had published an article called Brexit: Military Implications for the Baltic States’ by the Latvian Institute for International Affairs in the conference proceedings. Meanwhile, in November 2016, Dr. Sliwa, wrote an article about ‘China’s Security Concept of Anti-Access/Area-Denial - AA/AD’ in the Scientific Journal of the Polish Air Force Academy. Finally, Mr. Rogers, in cooperation with Dr. Andriy Tyushka, had published an article in Diplomaatia entitled ‘Anti-Hegemonic Warfare: A New Strategy in Action’.

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