"International Night in the Baltics" celebrated

"International Night in the Baltics" celebrated


On 5 November the BALTDEFCOL celebrated its annual “International Night in the Baltics”. The night was open for the BALTDEFCOL staff members, students and their families, as well as for the high level invitees from Embassies, Tartu City etc.


The event was opened in the Main Hall by the Commandant of the BALTDEFCOL BG Gundars Abols who in his opening speech stressed the international working environment and multi-cultural atmosphere which have always been considered as one of the most valuable features of the BALTDEFCOL. The guests of the event had an opportunity to get acquainted to the history, culture and national traditions of the three “owner” nations of the College Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania via listening lively presentations made by the students of respective countries.

After the opening speech and national presentations all guests were kindly asked to try national dishes and drinks of all the nations represented in the BALTDEFCOL. 19 national tables were prepared by Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and USA. Each country presented a table with variety of national food, drinks and reading material.

The event was a continuation of a similar event first organized in November 2005 at the time named the “Baltic Night”. In 2006 and 2007 the event was celebrated as the “International Night” involving the contribution of other nations than only the Baltics and today it bears the name of the “International Night in the Baltics”.


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