Reception on the Anniversaries of Estonia, Lithuania, and BALTDEFCOL

On 1st March, the members of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) family gathered to note the Independence Days of Estonia (24 February) and Lithuania (16 February), and the 23rd Anniversary of the BALTDEFCOL (25 February). Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was not a celebration as it was just to mark those important days for those two sovereign nations and the College as the successful joint project of the three Baltic countries.

The Commandant, Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm opened the reception by saying that he had the honour and privilege to represent the BALTDEFCOL with the College flag team at the parade on Freedom Square in Tallinn on 24th February, but the emotions were bittersweet. The Commandant also announced that six Ukrainian students returned to Ukraine to fight for their homeland and College will support their families which stayed in Tartu.
“While celebrating College's 23rd Anniversary, we must carry on with our mission to educate and prepare for future leaders and decision-makers to stay strong and united for the security of homelands”, he added.
The Commandant’s remarks were followed by the greetings of the Lithuanian Senior National Representative, Colonel Andriejus Grachauskas, the Director of Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servant Course, who shared the same emotions as the Commandant. He congratulated all the Lithuanians and Estonians on what they have achieved and stated: “..the freedom should not be taken for granted”.

Afterward, students provided a historical overview of the path toward the Independence of both countries. Ad Securitatem Patriarum


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