Roundtable Seminar: 'Germany and the Atlantic Alliance'

Roundtable Seminar: 'Germany and the Atlantic Alliance'

4th September 2013

Today, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) had the pleasure to welcome the former Director General of NATO’s International Military Staff, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jürgen Bornemann. Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bornemann kept alive the Baltic Defence College’s Roundtable Seminar series, moving it on from last year’s focus on the ‘Wider Baltic’ region, to include the issue of ‘Germany and the Atlantic Alliance’.

The seminar encouraged vigorous discussion on Germany’s perception of its commitment to the alliance; the American (and British-French) pivots to the Indo-Pacific; the future of the New Strategic Concept; Russia’s resurgence; the Atlantic Alliance’s relations with the European Union; and Germany’s commitment to the Wider Baltic region.

The seminar was well-attended, with over thirty participants, including the Commandant and other members of faculty, as well as students from the Higher Command Studies Course and the Joint Command and General Staff Course.


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Lectures by former Director General of NATO IMS


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