Seminar “Know yourself, Know your Adversaries”

The Baltic Defense College organized a seminar “Know yourself, Know your Adversaries” related to regional security developments and major exercises in the vicinity of the region borders. Within a sequence of lectures and panel discussions, the external experts shared their knowledge in relation to the topic in support of this academic event.

This two-day event was appreciated by participants coming from five different countries and triggered very interesting discussions and exchange of knowledge directly connected with the topics presented. The seminar proved to be an interesting part of the College faculty professional development, and it was of interest of the students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servants’ Course as part of the seminar was embedded into their curricula. 

The seminar underpinned the recognition of the College as a professional military educational institution in support of the needs of the Framework Nations and educational programs. The participants expressed an interest in continuity of such the additional academic events as the facilitator of networking of regional experts. 

See you at the BALTDEFCOL seminar on 6th of February, which will be dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of BALTBAT. 


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