Senior Leaders' Course was concluded with the Joint Graduation Ceremony with Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course

The seventh Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC) ended today in Vilnius, Lithuania. The overall theme for SLC 2022 was „NATO Adaptation and Security of the Baltic Sea Region”. The course aimed at developing a shared understanding of security concerns in the Baltic Sea Region. It provided insight into NATO’s current strategies and policies related to the security and defence of the Baltic Sea Region. At the same time, the course facilitated executive level professional networking among Allied General/ Flag Officers and their senior civilian equivalents.

The course gathered twenty nine military and civilian participants from eleven NATO countries and Finland. This year, the Senior Leaders’ Course combined efforts of the Baltic Defence College and German Command and Staff College, which jointly developed the curriculum, deployed faculty and provided for prestigious speakers. During one week of educational activities, a number of topics were discussed, including the evolution of the security environment in the Baltic Sea Region and perspectives on security and defence of the Baltic Sea Region. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions focused on strategic aspects and regional security implications of NATO adaptation. SLC participants were exposed to institutional, academic and expert perspectives on NATO’s deterrence and defence posture in the Baltic Sea Region. The course also discussed responses to hybrid threats and military crises in the Baltic Sea Region. The final days of the course were devoted to in depth discussion of the security and defence strategies of the Baltic states.

The course offered a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with a distinguished group of speakers. Senior Leaders’ Course participants engaged, among others, with high-level governmental speakers from NATO, the Baltic States and Germany, former and current commanders of allied and national joint forces and the Chiefs of Defence of Lithuania and Germany. The course met with the ambassadors of the nations which play the role of framework nations for NATO's enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland.

The final day of educational activities and the graduation ceremony for the Senior Leaders’ Course was combined with another prominent international course, the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders’ Course (CSELC), which came to Vilnius on its final international study trip. This year, the CSELC consisted of representatives from 17 nations, including Ukraine. The Graduation Ceremony for both courses was hosted by LTG Valdemaras Rupšys, Chief of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania and attended by LTG Markus Laubenthal, the Deputy Inspector General of the German Armed Forces.

During the Graduation Ceremony, the CSELC recognised Dr Lukaš Dyčka as a Best Faculty Member (the award was presented earlier in person). CSM Peeter Einbaum was also recognised as a Course Director, to whom this year's course was the last one. Congratulations!
Baltic Defence College family wishes good luck to all graduates of the Senior Leaders' Course 2022 and Command Senior Enlisted Leaders' Course 2022 in their future endeavours! Stay in touch with each other and with the College as you are members of the BALTDEFCOL Family!


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