Senior Leaders’ Course 2017 completed 

The Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC) 2017 was organised by the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) in Riga from 29th November – 06th December 2017. With outstanding Host Nation Support from Latvia’s Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces, it was successfully executed the Course outside of Tartu, the BALTDEFCOL hometown.

As it is designed for flag officers and senior officials from armed forces and government institutions of the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, their allies and partners, the course provided a forum for creating and exchanging new ideas and facilitating the establishment of mutually beneficial networks. The theme of SLC 2017 „The future of Western Hegemony: Implications for the Wider Baltic” has been discussed from different viewpoints and various perspectives, and through the prism of time – from past and present toward the future.

During the course, 20 participants represented nine countries. The course was underpinned by the contribution of as many as 35 distinguished guest speakers coming from 16 different countries. The multinational participation was an important factor to enhance common understanding of security environment and role of united approach toward facing challenges. The Course participants noted a good choice of relevant topics discussed and a fine balance between theoretical and practical issues addressed during lectures and panel discussions. Gen (ret) Hans-Lothar Domröse, former commander of JFC Brunssum, contributed to the SLC 2017 as the Visiting Senior Mentor. His commitment was outstanding and his active participation added significant value to the SLC 2017. After a week of genuinely insightful and rewarding lectures and discussions, the Course was concluded with a Keynote Speech delivered by General Sir James Everard OBE, CBE, the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.


SLC 2017 participants evaluated course as very interesting academic and professional event allowing better understanding of the Baltic region. It was also an opportunity for them to familiarize with Riga and Latvia during cultural trip. SLC 2017 is over and Baltic Defence College has already started planning of the next course – Senior Leaders’ Course 2018 that is expected to be arranged in autumn 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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Senior Leaders´ Course 2017 starts on 29th November 2017


Graduation Ceremony of the Civil Servants’ Course 2017

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