Senior Leaders’ Course at the Baltic Defence College

Senior Leaders’ Course at the Baltic Defence College

The icebreaker reception hosted by the Commandant of the Baltic Defence College, Major General Andis Dilāns and Mayor of Tartu, Mr Urmas Klaas marked an inauguration of the Baltic Defence College’s Senior Leaders’ Course (SLC), which will last from 28th November –2nd December 2016.

The Icebreaker took place in the historical Town Hall of Tartu. During the opening speech the Commandant highlighted that the course will create favourable conditions for enjoying experience-sharing environment, will enable expanding networks of contacts creating long-lasting friendships among participants that will last well beyond the course. Mayor of Tartu, Mr Urmas Klaas, in his opening remarks welcomed warmly the SLC participants and wished them a pleasant week highlighting that Tartu is the academic city merging civilian and military education.

Formal academic activities were initiated on 29th November with lectures from Prof. Gwythian Prins, Emeritus Professor from the London School of Economics, and Mr James Rogers, Director of Department of Political and Strategic Studies aiming to infuse a refreshed dose of advanced strategic thinking into the participants.

The SLC aims to offer participants an opportunity to update and reflect on contemporary security challenges, enhance strategic thinking and to build network relationships. This year SLC has 15 participants from seven NATO and EU nations.

Major General Dilāns in the introductory speech emphasized the focus of the course related to reconsidering and reexamining the decisions and outcomes of the NATO Warsaw Summit, particularly looking towards an active deterrence in the wider Baltic region.

The College with the Commandant wishes SLC participants a successful and enjoyable week!


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