Staff Meeting concluded an extraordinary year – 2020!

Today, the whole BALTDEFCOL family joined the virtual conference room to hold the December edition of a Staff Meeting. The College Management Group together with awarded persons gathered psychically to summarize the education in 2020 and to look into the future.

The Commandant opened the Staff Meeting with his remarks highlighting the Faculty and Staff members’ devotion and readiness to deal with uncertainties related to COVID-19. After the Commandant’s address, the Awarding Ceremony took place. This time the emphasis was laid on the contribution of the faculty to education and academic writing promoting College research and knowledge.


After the ceremonial part, Staff Meeting continued with a formal part where Commandant communicated his intent and guidance to all staff members for the incoming year.

Instead of having a Christmas party, the College Management provided all the staff and students with baskets fulfilled with Estonian Christmas products. It was a nice gesture to keep up with the Christmas spirit!


As Joint Command and General Staff Course students are on distance learning mode, they received their Christmas presents last week.


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Opening Ceremony of Joint Command and General Staff Course 2020/2021


Opening Ceremony of Higher Command Studies Course and Civil Servants’ Course

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