The celebration of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day

The celebration of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day

On 23rd November the Baltic Defence College staff members were invited by Col. Albertas Dapkus, the Senior National Representative, to celebrate the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day. That anniversary is of great importance for the Republic of Lithuania and is widely celebrated across the country and abroad. The Armed Forces Day is marked by military parades, military equipment expositions, concerts and decoration ceremonies.

In his opening speech Col. Dapkus explained the historical background of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Day and stressed the importance of the Baltic Defence College as Professional Military Education organization which is strongly contributing to professional development of Lithuanian senior officers and civil servants. Maj. Gen Andis Dilans, the Commandant of the College congratulated Lithuanian staff members and students for the anniversary and wished them and Lithuania long lasting days and prosperity.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces were founded by the then-Prime Minister Augustinas Voldemaras on November 23, 1918, who signed the Order creating a legal basis for formation of the armed forces. The present-day Lithuanian Armed Forces were re-established on 25 April, 1990 and now consists of the Land, Air, Navy and Special Operations Force.


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