The exercise Joint Resolve 2022 is moving toward the end

The next stage of Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022 (JR22) has been successfully completed with the delivery of another of the key deliverables of the NATO Operational Planning Process, the Course of Action Decision Brief. The three Joint Operations Planning Groups (JOPG) worked diligently throughout the preceding 24 hours to hone and refine their respective briefings for the Senior Mentors, acting as Joint Force Commander.
The principal aim of the Course of Action Decision Briefing was to present the Commander with a comprehensive understanding of the Courses of Action that had been developed during earlier planning together with the results from deeper analysis which had included the Wargaming Phase that had successfully taken place during the official Distinguished Visitors Day. A key element of the briefing is to determine the results of the various types of analysis and provide a summary that allows the Joint Force Commander, in close coordination with his Component Commanders, to make a decision on which course of action he will follow in order to deliver the Joint Campaign. The briefing also provides the opportunity to deliver further Direction and Guidance on any identified need for contingency plans and the development of an overall Concept of Operation, as part of the next phase of Operational Planning.  
After fifteen days of joint cooperation between the students of the Baltic Defence College and the War Studies University, the JOPGs have settled into an established routine and are operating well. The three JOPGs do have different styles and working methods, which continue to place challenges on the Exercise Control (EXCON) mechanism and an equally diverse group of JOPG Facilitators and Subject Matter Experts. To quote Colonel Dzintars Roga, the Joint Exercise Director in Warsaw “The exercise is a true team effort between both the Baltic Defence College and War Studies University, working in close unison to deliver and execute a comprehensive exercise that will be of use to all in pursuit of their personal development, whether they are students or members of the respective Faculties supporting the exercise aims and objectives”.

Exercise JR22 is set to continue for a number of days, during which time the combined team will experiment with some new facets of exercise design, brought about by lessons identified from previous editions of the exercise and which will present all participants with some further challenges to overcome.  


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Joint Resolve 2022 Distinguished Visitor's Day


Exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2022 successfully completed

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