The exercise “Collaborative Effort III” – the most important JCGSC educational event

The exercise “Collaborative Effort III” – the most important JCGSC educational event


According to the Course Plan for the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2010/2011, the BALTDEFCOL students have just started the CJTF Planning Exercise 3. The Exercise Director is Col. Kristian Ekroll (NOR), the Director of the OPD. The aim of the exercise is to apply theoretical knowledge in planning of Non-Article V Crisis Response/Peace Support Operation at the Combined Joint operational level. The exercise has been prepared and conducted by Operations Department (OPD), and supported by other Departments and also external Subject Matter Experts (SME). External SMEs are important supporters and they include: LTG (ret.) Jan Scharling (DK), Mr. Sergio Da Silva from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and also officers from the Joint Force Command in Brunssum, the Response Forces Operational Command in Ulm and the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.


The exercise “Collaborative Effort III” will last from 21st to 31 March, 2011. It is very significant event for the BALTDEFCOL as it is an important link between teaching and practical implementation of NATO “Comprehensive Operations Planning Doctrine” (COPD), which is part of the teaching in the College. It is also an essential step in preparing students for the exercise Viking 11, which will be held in Sweden next month. Students are conducting planning in the frame of two Joint Operational Planning Groups with the task to develop a Concept of Operation for the Peace Support Operation scenario.


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