The first BALTVIMA Training Seminar November 11-13


Nov 11-13 BALTDEFCOL hosted the first BALTVIMA (Baltic Virtual Military Academy) training seminar. Capt Atle Svendsen (NODADLC), the BALTVIMA Action Officer with instructors Ms Gunhild Bøe and Mr Ole Eirik Dalbye briefed the attendees about the BALTVIMA project and presented the Lotus Learning Management System software that BALTVIMA will be using. The seminar ended with fruitful discussions of the project and ways of how to best apply the tools available.

BALTVIMA training seminar BALTVIMA training seminar BALTVIMA training seminar BALTVIMA training seminar

The objective of the BALTVIMA project is to provide Advanced Distance Learning (ADL) capability to the Baltic nations for facilitating military officer and defense civilian education. Program content will be focused on the Baltic "Top 5" issues. BALTVIMA is co-chaired by Norway and the United States under the auspices of the BALTSEA framework and implemented through a BALTVIMA Working Group.
The Civil Servants Course 2003/2004 of BALTDEFCOL will be the pilot user base for BALTVIMA.

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