The most important education activity for JCGSC continues

The most important education activity for JCGSC continues


On Friday, 25 March 2011, the students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2010/2011 completed Stage 3 of the Operational Planning Process according to the NATO “Comprehensive Operations Planning Doctrine” (Trial version Feb 2010). Both Joint Operational Planning Groups provided a Mission Analysis Briefing (MAB) to LTG (ret.) Jan Scharling (DK), who is the Visiting Senior Mentor and is role-playing the Commander of the Multinational Joint Peace Support Force (MJPSF). Both JOPGs received guidance for further planning, which will be continued next week. The briefings concluded the first week of the BALTDEFCOL JCGSC exercise “Collaborative Effort III”. According to the Exercise Director, Col. Kristian Ekroll (NOR), the Director of the Operations Department, the MABs were well prepared and the quality in content, logic and the way of conducting them were at the same level as in the most Joint Staff Colleges.


During this week, the highlight in the studies was the media exercise supervised by Major Maris Robeznieks from the College’s Department of Defense Management & Officership. This event for key JOPG personnel was supported by a Media Team from the Latvian MOD including Camera man - Intars Atstupens and journalist - Atis Klimovics.


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