The new academic year kicked off with the Faculty Development Programme

Every academic year at Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) starts with a two-week long preparatory phase for the staff in order to get ready for the incoming students. These two weeks are a part of a larger Faculty Development Programme (FDP), which is designed to promote a culture of continuous improvement and support the Quality Management System policy. The FDP covers professional development activities throughout the academic year.

FDP is conducted at three levels: an institutional component under the guidance of the Dean, a departmental component that addresses department specific needs and a personal development segment.
The BALTDEFCOL FDP’s preparatory phase for the academic year 2022-2023 was held between 01 and 13 August. The aim, as always, was to serve as an integration of newly arrived staff members within the College and faculty within respective departments.

The college-wide programme included informational sessions on the communication and educational systems used at the college, also sessions on education planning, classroom observation, assessment, and research paper supervision. To complement these more procedure oriented sessions the programme this year also engaged Dr Grete Arro from Tallinn University who discussed with the faculty ‘Why can’t students apply what they have learned?’ and ‘The role of cognitive engagement in the learning process and why and how to achieve it. She sparked interest but also some questions regarding the teaching-learning process at the college.

Dr Jörg Muth’s from the Department of Leadership and Management Studies, himself an experienced wargamer, facilitated two days of war-gaming for the faculty. These two days proved frustrating and fascinating, in equal measure, as the players familiarized themselves with the game logic and tried to make real-life fit the requirements of the game. The operational Wargaming System is newly developed by the United States Marine Corps.
Wargaming has become an important tool for military and civilian students’ education and BALTDEFCOL and it has formed a cooperation opportunity with the Marine Corps University at Quantico to establish expertise in the subject.

Team building events on the river-boat Pegasus and introducing the Estonia trip to Saaremaa paved the way for deeper collegial interaction with the newcomers and helped the rest of the staff to reconnect after the summer break.

The college-wide programme was augmented by departmental and more specialised activities, such as workshops for Syndicate Guiding Officers.


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