Trainee position available at the Baltic Defence College Institute for Defence Studies


BALTDEFCOL Institute for Defence Studies, located in Tartu, Estonia offers trainee position in spring 2004. The term starts on the 4th of January and ends on the 22nd of June, but with a possibility of a later starting date.


Teaching assistant
Research assistant
Development of the academic journal "Baltic Defence Review"
Assistance in developing and carrying through the institute's security and defence policy seminars

Purpose of the trainee position

The purpose of the position is giving educational practice. The trainees can get their credits for the trainee period transferred, when that is needed. During the trainee period, Dean Elizabeth Tromer will provide guidance as an internal supervisor. The aims are:

  • to increase the trainee's knowledge of strategy and security in general and especially in the Baltics
  • to develop the trainee's analytical and organisational skills
  • to contribute intellectually to an international environment consisting of 12 staff members, mainly from the Baltics and Scandinavia

Expectations towards the trainee

You should have completed at least three years of studies prior to an appointment as a trainee. Many, but not all of our trainees have a background in social science. Furthermore, your English skills both in written and oral language should be on a level that enables you to participate in academic discussions. You should be able to work independently and be willing to cooperate and communicate socially beyond language and cultural barriers.

Trainee conditions

The work is not salaried, however the Baltic Defence College provides for accommodation (student hostel), as well as for the travel expenses home and abroad. There are two trainee positions, which ideally will be occupied by a Baltic and a Scandinavian trainee.

Application deadline

Those who are interested should send a 1-page application in English before the 10/10/2003. A study results report, a short CV and other relevant enclosures should be attached to the application. The application should be sent to:

Baltic Defence College
To: Dean Elizabeth Tromer
Riia 12
51013 Tartu

All applicants will receive a response no later than the 20/10/2003. The interviews will be held in Copenhagen on the 24/10/2003.

Additional information

Questions concerning the trainee position can be forwarded to Dean Elizabeth Tromer ([email protected]) or the present trainee Steffen Rasmussen ([email protected])
Phone: +372 7 314 000
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