Visit by a delegation from the Danish Liberal Party

On 7th April, a delegation from the Danish Liberal Party paid a visit to the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). The delegation was welcomed by Colonel Dietmar Hartung, Deputy Commandant and Chief of Staff of the College. The visit started with a general overview of the historical background, mission, and tasks of the College. Moreover, the briefing provided explanations about major courses and academic activities conducted at the BALTDEFCOL, which are the essence of the accomplishments of the College as a multinational Professional Military Education institution.

After the briefing session, the members of the delegation had the opportunity to discuss the Baltic states current challenges in the security domain with the Department of Political and Strategic Studies’ faculty members, AMB Shota Gvineria and Mr. George Spencer Terry. The focus of the discussion was on the BALTDEFCOL’s role in building up Baltic countries' defence capabilities; it was also discussed from the Danish perspective of regional security in respect to the current situation.


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BALTDEFCOL hosted the ESDC CSDP High Level Course Module 3 titled “Missions and Operations”


Visit by a delegation from the Danish Liberal Party

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