Visit by Air Marshal (ret) Sir Chris Harper, the former Director General of the NATO IMS

On 8th February, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted a visit by Air Marshal (ret) Sir Chris Harper, the former Director General of the NATO International Military Staff (IMS).

During the office call, Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm, provided him a brief overview of the mission of the College as Professional Military Education.

To contribute to the College education and development of faculty and students, Sir Chris shared his experiences related to working in the national and international environment, all in the context of the evolving security environment and connected with the NATO 2022 Strategic Concept. His experiences and observation were shared during some very interactive lectures for BALTDEFCOL in-house courses.

The students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2022/2023 received a lecture on “NATO Command and Control Structure and lessons from Ukraine in context of restructuring it”, as topic is an important part of education within the ongoing educational module.

With respect to the participants of the Higher Command Studies Course 2023, the Air Marshal had an interesting lecture and held a very valuable discussion on NATO related issues in general. The topic is of great relevance as the speaker is possessing remarkable insights in the working mode of NATO institutions and decision-making at the strategic level.

Such a contribution to the Course, is of considered of great value as he was directly involved in making key Alliance decisions as the Director General of the NATO IMS.


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