Visit by BG (ret) Michael H. Clemmesen, First Commandant of the Baltic Defence College

On 13th of September, the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) had the great honour to host BG (ret) Michael H. Clemmesen, the creator and first Commandant of the College.

The first part of the visit included various engagements and discussions related mainly to the BALTDEFCOL’s 20th anniversary celebrations. BG Clemmesen shared his experiences in the field of Professional Military Education offering valuable insights into the time he was the Commandant. Afterwards, BG Clemmesen had an office call with the current Commandant of the BALTDEFCOL, Major General Andis Dilāns, discussing current and future developments of the College.

BG (ret) Clemmesen’s visit is also linked to BALTDEFCOL’s 9th Baltic Military History Conference titled “1918-2018 Hundred years of armed forces development”. As a keynote speaker, he will deliver a speech on “Clean slate or lessons from history? Creation of national militaries in 1918 and 1991” comparing the creation of Baltic States’ National Defence Forces in 1918-19 and 1991-95.


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Visit by MG Clinton E. Crosier, J5 Director of Plans and Policy, USSTRATCOM


The Baltic Defence College hosted an Estonian Study Information System (ÕIS) Consortium

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