Visit by Brigadier James Cowan

Visit by Brigadier James Cowan


On 21 October Brigadier James Cowan, current Head of Counter-terrorism and UK Operations in UK Ministry of Defence, and Commander of Estonian troops in Afghanistan from October 2009 until April 2010, visited the BALTDEFCOL.


Brigadier Cowan had a meeting with the BALTDEFCOL Commandant BG Gundars Abols which was followed by a lecture delivered by Brigadier Cowan on “Experiences in ISAF” to the students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2010/2011.

During his stay at the BALTDEFCOL the honored guest had an opportunity to visit the Admiral Cowan Hall, a lecture room at the BALTDEFCOL named after Brigadier Cowan’s great-uncle Admiral Sir Walter Cowan who commanded the British naval squadron in Estonian waters during the Estonian War of Independence in 1918-1920.


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Lecture by Dr Artis Pabriks


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