Visit by Colonel Nicolas Tachon, Head of Transformation Delivery Division, NATO Joint Warfare Centre

On Tuesday, 07 February 2023 Colonel Nicolas Tachon, Head of Transformation Delivery Division, NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) visited Baltic Defence College. During the visit, he had an opportunity to have the office call with Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm, Commandant Baltic Defence College and sequence of meetings with College faculty members. It has created an excellent opportunity to review already existing initiatives and to look to other areas of future cooperation between two institutions. Particular interest was devoted to JWC support in curriculum execution, including participation in the exercises and providing subject matter expertise in certain joint warfighting areas.

The working visit was an opportunity to introduce JWC as an important part of the NATO Command Structure, supporting the missions of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). Colonel Tachon highlighted the Centre’s contribution to warfighting readiness of NATO Command and Force Structure Headquarters and National and/or NATO Headquarters deploying on operations. Specific attention was on delivery of joint, collective training at the operational and strategic level of warfare including wargaming. Moreover, he explained JWC role in balancing and supporting both the transformation and operations, facilitating warfighting doctrine development into practice.  
Faculty and students attended the session from both JCGSC and HCSC. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session moderated by COL Dzintars Roga, the Director of the Department of Military Studies.


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