Visit by delegation of French Institute for Higher National Defence Studies

On 18th May, a delegation of French Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN) paid visit to the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). The delegation was led by Course Director Lieutenant General Benoit Durieux and Senior Mentor Michel Yakovlef.

The guests were welcomed by the Deputy Commandant/ Chief of Staff Colonel Dietmar Hartung and Manager of Academic and Outreach Activities Dr Tiia-Triin Truusa.

The guests received a short overview of BALTDEFCOL's history, organisation and main activities, followed by a special lecture provided by Dr Truusa on how resilience on the societal level is conceptualized and operationalized within the Estonian comprehensive defence paradigm. She talked about resilience from the sociological aspect, looking into the interplay of societal and individual level factors influencing national resilience.

The visit was concluded with an overview of the Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA) by Colonel (ret) Tarmo Ränisoo, EDIA CEO.

The Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence is a French public institution for expertise and sensitization towards defence matters, founded in 1936 by Admiral Raoul Castex. It is under the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister and is located in the École Militaire.


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