Visit by MG Clinton E. Crosier, J5 Director of Plans and Policy, USSTRATCOM

Today, on 24th of May 2017 the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) had the pleasure to host Major General Clinton E. Crosier, J5 Director of Plans and Policy, US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).

Major General Crosier had a meeting with BALTDEFCOL Commandant Major General Andis Dilāns, and members of the College Management Group, during which the high level guest was given overview of the BALTDEFCOL´s history, mission, courses and research activities. In addition, Major General Crosier passed formal invitation to the BALTDEFCOL to join the USSTRATCOM Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance.


The programme continued with a lecture “USSTRATCOM Deterrence Overview” to the students of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2016/2017, the Higher Command Studies Course 2017, and BALTDFCOL Faculty.

Major General Crosier´s visit was a follow-up of Major General Andis Dilans´ visit to the USSTRATCOM at Pentagon in Washington DC, on 5th of May this year, during which today´s guest was kindly invited to visit the BALTDEFCOL and address our students and Faculty on USSTRATCOM Deterrence.

Major General Crosier is directly responsible to the USSTRATCOM Commander for the development and implementation of national security policy and guidance; military strategy and guidance; space and weapons employment concepts and policy; and joint doctrine as they apply to the command and the execution of its mission. He is also responsible for the development of the nation’s strategic war plan, strategic support plans for theater combatant commanders and contingency planning for the global strike mission.


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Exercise “Joint Planner 18” in full mode


Visit by BG (ret) Michael H. Clemmesen, First Commandant of the Baltic Defence College

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