Visit by Mr Jānis Garisons, State Secretary of Ministry of Defence of Latvia

On 14th of February 2020, Mr Jānis Garisons, State Secretary of Ministry of Defence of Latvia visited the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). He contributed to the education of the participants of the Higher Command Studies Course 2020 by delivering a lecture “Generals and politicians: the decision-making interaction”. 

Mr Garisons was engaged in a discussion with the course participants who were looking into roots of war and deeper analyze of political-strategic interaction between political and military decision-makers. It was followed by active discussion about role of the bureaucracy in this of interaction. The lecture and discussion followed the Chatham House Rule. 


Mr Garisons has been closely linked with BALTDEFCOL since 2008. He has contributed to all the BALTDEFCOL courses and the majority of academic conferences and seminars over the years. Mr Garisons is the Honorary Fellow of the BALTDEFCOL, he was inducted in February 2019. An Honorary Fellowship is a prestigious award bestowed annually by the BALTDEFCOL to distinguished individuals who have made an outstanding personal input to the development of the Baltic Defence College, its education and those who have contributed significantly to the improvement of the defence and security culture of the Baltic countries.



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