Visit by the Attachés Autumn Tour for the Defence Attachés accredited to Estonia

Visit by the Attachés Autumn Tour for the Defence Attachés accredited to Estonia

On Friday, 11th September 2015, the Defence Attachés accredited to Estonia paid a visit to the Baltic Defence College as a part of the Attachés’ Autumn Tour.

Our distinguished visitors were met by Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras, the Commandant of the Baltic Defence College, together with Colonel Axel Pfaffenroth, the Chief of Staff / Deputy Commandant and Dr Augustine Meaher, the Dean of the college. In the course of the visit the Defence Attachés were shown around the premises of the college as well as being given an overview on the Baltic Defence College’s history, its vision, mission, current projects and main lines of effort. “It is a great pleasure to welcome such distinguished visitors”, the Commandant of the college said in his welcome address. “I would like to thank you for the valuable support your respective countries have provided to the college. I have appreciated your support as partners in so many respects. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage your countries to keep sending your officers to attend our courses at the Baltic Defence College; provide instructors; and participate in our conferences and seminars to support the common goal.”

It is also worth mentioning that this is not the first time the Attachés Tour has honoured the college with its presence and the visit has become a kind of a tradition which has a significant importance for both sides. It has always been one of the college’s priorities to enhance and consolidate the cooperation already established with its partner nations, as well as to seeking new perspectives.


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