Visit by the Defence Minister of Estonia

Visit by the Defence Minister of Estonia

 On August 16th, the Defence Minister of Estonia, H.E. Mr. Jaak Jõerüüt visited the Baltic Defence College. The Minister met the Commandant and the Management Group including the Deputy Commandant and Course Director JCGSC, the Head of Department for Operations, the Head of Department of Political Studies and Officership, the Course Director of HCSC and the Chief of Staff. The Management Group presented BALTDEFCOL Long Term Development Plan 2005-12 to the Minister which he approved. The Commandant also introduced the agenda of BALTDEFCOL Co-ordination Group Meeting, which will be held on September 6th in Otepää. Thereafter the Management Group discussed some of the items of this very broad agenda with the Minister: the distribution of study slots for JCGSC, the development of JCGSC and HCSC 2006. Among other issues, the Minister showed great interest in the possible development of JCGSC.

Text by Triinu Rizijs Photo by Rain Sirendi


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