Visit by the Deputy Commanding General of 4th Infantry Division & Fort Carson

Visit by the Deputy Commanding General of 4th Infantry Division & Fort Carson

On 13th October the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) was honoured by the visit of BG Kenneth Kamper, Deputy Commanding General (DCG), 4th Infantry Division (4ID), accompanied by MAJ Liam Walsh, G33 Chief of Operations (CHOPS) and 1LT Godfrey Smith, Aide-de-Camp to the DCG.

The guests were welcomed by the BALTDEFCOL Commandant MG Andis Dilāns, Deputy Commandant/Chief of Staff COL Axel Pfaffenroth, Course Director of Joint Command and General Staff Course/US Senior National Representative COL Mark Hollis and other members of the BALTDEFCOL leadership personnel who provided the guests with an information briefing on the College´s educational programme, its premises, cooperation and ongoing activities and future developments.

Both leaders, MG Dilans and BG Kamper, agreed to explore possibilities of participation in the Multinational Corp – North East Certification Exercise (CREVAL). The CREVAL will use a modified version of an Article 5 Scenario, defending the Baltic States – thus allowing students to practice defence planning at the Operational Level.

The BALTDEFCOL is confident that the cooperation with the 4th Infantry Division will deepen over the years, and is grateful for 4th ID and the United States for their comprehensive support to the Baltic States. “The Baltic Defence College is so important in educating our professional officers corps and no doubt contributes significantly to the Security of the Baltic Region!”, wrote BG Kamper in his entry in the Baltic Defence College guest book.

The 4th Infantry is part of the Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) from the United States of America. In the beginning of January 2017 they will have a Brigade Combat Team positioned in Poland as part of the outcomes of the Warsaw Summit.


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