Visit by the former Chairman of the European Union Military Committee Gen (ret.) Patrick de Rousiers

On 27th March Baltic Defence College was honoured by the visit of Gen (ret.) Patrick de Rousiers, Special Adviser to the EU Foreign Minister Mrs Frederica Mogherini. In years 2012-2015 he was a Chairman of the European Union Military Committee. General de Rousiers participated in an office call with Major General Andis Dilans, Commandant of the College followed by a lecture for students of the Higher Command Studies Course (HCSC).

The lecture was focused on civil-military and politico-military relations within high-level international institutions. He discussed decision-making problems and processes within the European Union and NATO in particular. General also highlighted numerous lessons that he has learned as the Chairman of the EU Military Committee and the French Military Representative to NATO and the EU. The discussion with students completed the lecture, which HCSC participants might find remarkably valuable in their future careers.


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